“Face Morph” latest version 1.5 was uploaded on August 22.
Improved processing time when creating a movie.
As a result, the parameters “Quality” and “Save image quality” are abolished.
Always, the fastest and highest quality movie is generated.



“Face Morph” latest version 1.4 was uploaded on July 4th.
Improved face detection accuracy when adding face image.



About the StarmediaSoft logo:
Logo image of the StarmediaSoft uses a part of the work with permission of a watercolor painter / Chizuru Kawawa.
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“MorphRush” latest version 1.3 has been uploaded.



Notification of “MorphRush” defect fix

Fixed a problem that processing was not completed because the alert was not displayed when purchasing the regular version.
The latest version 1.3 will be uploaded soon.