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MorphRush_logo001_256MorphRush is a tool application used to read multiple image files for the morphing process in order to create movies and synthetic images.

Since conventional morphing software products deform the backgrounds with changes in the objects, they need to unify the background by using no color.
MorphRush can morph only the required part and synthesize it with the desired background image.



Movie generator mac_logo_01Download_on_the_Mac_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_165x40

MGen_logo001_256“Movie generator” is a tool application to create a movie by reading multiple images files.






FaceMorph ios_logo_01 FaceMorph - StarmediaSoft


“FaceMorph” is a tool for creating morphing movie that is specific to a person’s face.

Continuous animation to infinity is possible from more than one person.Just capture the facial image, the location information of the eyes, nose, etc. will be set automatically, makes it easy to create movies.
In addition, fine adjustment of the position information can be manually, you can improve the accuracy of the morphing.