FaceMorph iconRequires iOS 8.0 or later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


FaceMorph - StarmediaSoft


Overview of the “FaceMorph”

“FaceMorph” is a tool for creating morphing movie that is specific to a person’s face.
Continuous animation to infinity is possible from more than one person.

Just capture the facial image, the location information of the eyes, nose, etc. will be set automatically, makes it easy to create movies.

In addition, fine adjustment of the position information can be manually, you can improve the accuracy of the morphing.

Face image captured is stored within the app, you can instantly create a morphing movie reclassified freely.

Movies you create can be saved to the camera roll.
You can also save a still image at the specified position of the movie.


If you are morphing a face image of two.

After you configure the two face images on the “Work space” screen ,Movies can be created simply by pressing the “Run” button.

Specifically, use the following procedure.

1) Display the “Work space” screen by pressing the “New creation” button on the top screen.

2) Press the “Add” button to display the Face list.

3) Choose a thumbnail that appears on the “Face list” screen, or capture a new image with the “Add” button.

4) Repeat steps 3), capture an image of the second piece.

5) Create a movie by pressing the “Run” button.

*By repeating the 4), three or more consecutive morphing is possible.

faceMorph_g01 faceMorph_g02 faceMorph_g03 faceMorph_g04 faceMorph_g05 faceMorph_g06