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MorphRush is a tool application used to read multiple image files for the morphing process in order to create movies and synthetic images.


Since conventional morphing software products deform the backgrounds with changes in the objects, they need to unify the background by using no color.
MorphRush can morph only the required part and synthesize it with the desired background image.


Sequential morphing of multiple images is available.
Even if the display sizes of the used images are different, you do not need to process them in advance thanks to the expanding and shrinking functions.


You can create a movie from a single still image.
Using a single image, you can make eyes wink and move hands and legs.
Of course, you can synthesize an image with a background image.
You can edit a still image by pasting part of another image onto the still image.
For example, in order to change a person’s eyes to a cat’s eyes, conventionally you had to use the paint tool to cut out the cat’s eyes and expand/shrink and rotate them to fit onto the person’s eyes and paste them by specifying anti-aliasing. Though depending on the tool performance, this required experience.
MorphRush can process images more naturally and more easily.


Movie format that can be output

  • QuickTime (mov)

Image formats that can be output

  • JPEG (jpg)
  • PNG (png)
  • TIFF (tiff)

MorphRush operation environment

  • Mac OS X 10.10 or later

Functionality of MorphRush

MorphRush supports all the functions that seem necessary within those provided by the conventional morphing software products.
Further, MorphRush has some additional unique functions.

Major functions of MorphRush:

  • Extraction of outlines of the morphed part and synthesis of a background image
  • Sequential morphing of multiple images
  • Morphing of shape only (warp)
  • Designation of part of an image

Upgrade to regular version

You can upgrade MorphRush to the regular version by use of billing within the application.

Restrictions before purchase

“SAMPLE” watermarks are added to movies of rendering results and output movies/still images.
The functions and the operations are not restricted.


Synthesis with Background Image


By morphing the part of the image, creating a movie that is synthesized with the background image.


Basic Morphing


By morphing the entire image is replaced with the next image, it is a common morphing.


Animation of Still Image


To create an animation from a single still image.


Editing Still Image


Synthesize a part of the image with another image.




~ Documents ~

It displays the same page as the help of in-app.

Go to “document”


~ work collection ~

Movies and processed image that was created in MorphRush we have a large number exhibition.
There is also a brief explanation on how to create, please refer to.

Go to “MorphRush work collection”