The following movie and image, it was created by MorphRush all.
Other tools are not used at all.


Work 001 “Frog”  Tutorial

Doing the animation by specifying a portion of one still image.

It will read the same image twice.
Set the pass to want portion that move.
Further, the pass of the target image, move in the direction you want to move.

Set the portion that does not move at all in fixed mask.

By specifying fixed mask, you can completely suppress the distortion of the image.
In addition, fixed mask portion because it does not perform the calculation of the rendering, it will shorten the rendering time.
This is quite useful when dealing with large image.


Work 002 “Wink” Tutorial

Doing the animation by specifying a portion of one still image.

In order to prevent the eye from moving to affect the movement of the eyelids, and sets the same image on the background image, and set the portion that is visible in the eyeball to outline mask.

And because it does not move at all except the eyes of portion, you specify a fixation mask.


Work 003 “Lion woman”

Two face photo has to morphing.

Conventional morphing software, the background also will move in together, it becomes very certain discomfort movie When it other than a plain background.

In the case of MorphRush, separately prepared a background image, by specifying the background portion to the outline mask, natural movie can be realized.


Work 004 “Alibi”

   ←     + 

By combining two photos of right, women were created alibi photos like being in a different location.
The processing is possible even in a generic paint tool, but is more of MorphRush, you can create more quickly and easily.


Work 005 “Ghost Penguin”

By combining the penguin photos and landscape photos, Penguin has created a movie that appears in the empty space.

It specifies the pass along the penguins of contour.

Landscape photo of pass to set exactly the same as the pass of penguins.

Further, the same landscape photography is set to the background image, to set other than the contour portion of penguins the outline mask against penguins and landscape photography.

To either one image, it sets other than the contour portion of penguins in fixation mask.

The reason for the specified fixed mask is order to increase the rendering speed.


Work 006 “CAT EYE”

Material image to be used, is the two images of the  human face  and  cat face.

First create a person of cat eyes that is the target.

A portion of each of the eyes of cats and people with pass specified, It will render in the move mode to human image from the cat image.

In this case, it will specify the portion other than the human eye in fixation mask.

Target image will be completed by the above.

Then, in the same pass human image and the target image, “CAT EYE” is completed by rendering the part of the eye in deformation mode.


Work 007 “CAT EYE Ⅱ”

Using the target image created in “CAT EYE”, has created a movie that eye is replaced every time a blink.

This movie is not completed in one rendering.

The same kind of movie and Work 003 “wink”, create in each person eye image and the cat eye image.

Specify the eye part of the human image the outline mask.
Then by rendering in a move mode by setting the person image to the background image, a blink movie of a person to complete.

Next, when rendered in again move mode by changing the background image to the cat eye image from the above state, cat eyes a blink movie will be completed.

The required frame from each movie that was created above, to output as a still image.

Then use the Movie generator, by reconstructing each frame, the “CAT EYE II” is completed.