Work 001 “Frog”


Screen during the editing completion:


Image to be used in one, use the same image on the left and right.

Red translucent portion is a fixation mask area.


Pass settings:

Setting the pass by the following procedure.
First specified the pass for the portion to move the image[1].
Automatically in the same position of the image[2] is set the pass.

The reason for setting the pass to the non-moving part of the body is to prevent from being distorted body part of its surroundings in conjunction with the movement of the arm.

Then, by moving the image [2] side pass, it is possible to move the image of the periphery of the pass.


Mask setting of fixation area:

Set the non-moving part to the fixed mask area.

This time has been set for the image [1], but it is also possible to set the image [2] side.
In addition, if the fixed mask area in both of the image is present, it will override the image of the young number of [1].


Parameter Setting:


Setting items in the important place is, “Rendering method” is set to “Move”, and is to specify the “Enable the fixed mask area”.

Press the run button, “frog” movie is created.