Work 003 “Wink”


Screen during the editing completion:


All the left and right image and the background image will use the same image.

Red translucent portion is a fixation mask area.
Green translucent portion is a outline mask area.


Pass settings:

First, specify the pass along the eyelid of the image [1].
After that, it will move the pass of the image [2] in the eyelid closing direction.


Mask setting of fixation area:

Set the non-moving part to the fixation mask area.


Mask setting of outline area:

At the time of opening and closing of the eyelid, in order to ensure that does not move pupil, set the place of the pupil to the outline mask.

By setting the same image in the background image, the background portion corresponding to the setting portion to the outline mask is preferentially displayed.


Setting the background image:


As described above, in order to not move the eyes, and set the same image to the background image.


Parameter Setting:


Setting items in the important place is, “Rendering method” is set to “Move”, and is to specify the “Enable the fixed mask area” and “Enable the background synthesis”.

Press the run button, “wink” movie is created.