Movie generator is a tool application to create a movie by reading multiple images files.

Can not uptake sound file.

Output possible movie file format

  • QuickTime (mov)

How to use the Movie generator

Explain how to create a movie by reading multiple images files.

App immediately after the start, has become a newly created state of the project as follows.

Basic operations, can be operated without using the menu.

Reading of the image files

If you import multiple image files at a time, select the file in the Finder as follows, and drop it on the app window.

Multiple file is read at once, it will be listed in ascending order of the file name.

Parameter settings

Set each parameter value that is required when the movie created.

Press the parameter button to display the following Setting Parameter screen.

Display size
Set the display size of the movies to be output.
If specified the aspect ratio fixed, to maintain the ratio of the width and height at the time of setting size.
Frame rate
Specify the video playback rate by the number of frames per second.
For example, suppose you have 24 frames playback per second if you specify 24.

Frame rate can be specified of the decimal point.
For example, to update the image every 5 seconds, specify 0.2.
Bit rate
The bit rate is the compression ratio of the movie file.
It specifies the amount of data (number of bits) to be required for one second.

The default is to use a value which is calculated automatically, but you specify any value if necessary.
Image quality The larger the value will improve, but the file capacity will increase.
Addition of reverse playback frame
The movie Is constructed frame is in the order of the image list, but you specify when to go back to the first frame from further final frame.
Maintain the aspect ratio of each image
It is sized to fit on the display size while maintaining the aspect ratio of each image.

Create of movie

Start a movie create by pressing the Run button .
After the creation of the movie is complete, display the following Preview screen.

Method of operation of the image list

Change the order of the image list
When changing the order of the image list is done in the following manner.

In the following example, change the order of the top of the image and the second image.

Press the left mouse button on the image you want to change, to display highlight.

Press and hold down the mouse button, move the mouse to the position where you want to move.
In accordance with the movement of the mouse, it displays a space in the insertion position.

When you release the mouse button at the position where you want to move, it will be inserted in its place.

After the move, list number is refreshed.

Specifying the number of frames of image
Specify the number of frames of image in an editable text box on the image list.
For example, if the frame rate is 10, if specify 10 for the number of frames, the image will be displayed for one second.

Remove the image
in a state where to highlight the image list that you want to delete, run the Delete of the Menu / Images.
Replicate the image
If read the same image on the image list, highlight the target image list, and then run a Copy of the Menu / Images.
As follows, from the pop-up menu that is displayed in the right-click of the mouse on the image list, It is possible to carry out the deletion and replication of the image.