Image Setting

Changing order of images to be processed

The read images are numbered in the order of reading and listed in this order from the top in the image list.
Rendering is performed in this order.

To change the order, work on the image list as shown below.
To replace the second with the third:

First, left-click on the third image.

Then, while holding the mouse button, move the mouse upward.
The selected image moves along with the mouse and an insertion space appears.

Release the mouse button where you desire to insert the image.

Disabling an image

The read images can be disabled temporarily.

Click the check button on the lower-left side of each listed item to enable/disable it.

The following sample shows that the second item is disabled.

Image setting window

Click the gear button on the upper-right side of each cell in the image list or double-click on each cell to display the Image Setting window.

By using the Image Setting window, you can change the image name (defaulted to the file name), duplicate and delete the image.

Setting image area to be used

To specify the required part of the read image by a rectangle, set a target area.
To set a target area, select Area setting in Menu/Images. The Image area setting window opens.

Immediately after this window opens, the currently active image is set as the target. As shown below, however, you can select your desired image from the image list.

In the default state, the entire image is set as the target.
Using the mouse on the image as shown below, specify the target area.
The set target area is shown by a green rectangle.

You also can specify the rectangular area by directly entering the values in the value boxes on the right side of the image.
Press the All specified button to set the entire image as the target.

Setting output image size

Set the display size of the finally output movie.
In addition to direct value setting by use of the value boxes, you can use the Set to output size button to use the size of the image area you are currently editing.