This section describes the MorphRush menu.


  • Project
  • New

    Creates a new project.
    If a project is already read and modified, the confirmation message for saving of the edited project appears.


    Select an existing file from the file selector and open it.

    Open Recent

    Lists the existing projects in the submenu.
    To open an existing project, usually use this since you do not have to select from the file selector.


    Saves the project currently opened.

    Save As

    Saves the project currently opened with a different name.
    After saving, the project with the name specified at the time of saving becomes the processing target.

  • Add Image
  • Adds a new image to the project.
  • Output
  • Images

    As the Save Image window opens, you can save a frame you specify from the completed movie in the image file.


    Saves the completed movie in the QuickTime format.


This is an item used at the time of text input and is not directly related to MorphRush editing.


  • Area setting
  • As the Image area setting window opens, specify a rectangular area to be actually used for each image.


  • Background setting
  • As the Background setting window opens, set the background image and the background color.


  • Parameter setting
  • As the Parameter setting window opens, set the individual parameter values that are referred to when rendering is executed.
  • Movie preview
  • Displays the preview window that replays the movie to be created by rendering.
  • Run
  • Executes rendering to create a morphed movie.


  • Welcome to MorphRush
  • Displays the Welcome to MorphRush window that opens at the time of activation of the application.
  • Image List
  • Selects whether the Image list window is displayed or not.
    The image list window lists the images read in the current project.
  • Image Navigator
  • Selects whether the Image navigator window is displayed or not.
    Use the Image navigator window to change the display magnification and display position of the currently active image.


  • Upgrade to regular version
  • As the Upgrade to regular version window opens, process the purchase of the regular version and the restoration that is necessary for re-installation after the purchase.
  • Project sample
  • As the Project sample window opens, you can actually read the individual projects used in the tutorial within this help.
  • MorphRush help
  • This help appears.