Synthesis with Background Image

This section describes how to create a movie that is synthesized with one background image by morphing part of the image.
Here we create a movie in which a lion transforms to a cat and then returns to the lion.

From image reading to pass setting

As shown below, read the images to be morphed and set the target areas and passes.

Setting outline mask areas

Set an outline mask along each face.
The green parts become the outline mask areas and are replaced with the background image.

Refer to Mask Area Setting for setting of outline mask areas.

Setting background image

Display the Background setting window by selecting Background setting from Menu/Background, and read the background image to be synthesized.
In the following sample, the necessary part is specified by a rectangle.
Since the rectangle size is expanded/shrunk to the size of the finally output movie, specify Apply Aspect Ratio to retain the aspect ratio.

Parameter setting

Set the individual items to be referred to during rendering.

To synthesize the background image, check Enable background synthesis.
As there is no fixed area, it is not needed to check Also pass-move overlapping parts to fixed area.

By performing rendering with the above setting, the movie as shown below is completed in which the lion changes to the cat on the specified background.