Animation of Still Image

This section describes how to create an animation from a single still image.
Here we create an animation movie in which the arms of the wooden figure start moving.

From image reading to pass setting

Read one image three times and set the passes as follows.

Although the body part actually does not move, it should be specified to prevent the body sections close to the arms from moving with the arms when the arms move.
Repeat the same specification for the three images.

Specify passes for the arm parts as shown below.

On the left image, the passes are specified along the outlines of the arms.

On the center image, move the passes around the part you desire to move from the position on the left image. Here the left arm is specified to rise.

On the right image, move the passes around the part you desire to further move from the position on the center image.
Here the left arm returns and in addition, the right arm moves.

Setting fixed mask

The part painted red is the part specified as the fixed mask.

If no fixed mask is specified, the body part also moves with the arms, resulting in a distorted image as a whole.

Even if the parts you do not desire to move is enclosed by passes, it may not be firmly fixed and therefore it is required to set a fixed mask.

Refer to Mask Area Setting for setting of fixed mask areas.

Parameter setting

Set the parameters as shown below.

Here it is important to select Move as the Rendering method and specify Enable fixed mask area.

By performing rendering with the above setting, a movie is completed in which one single still image is animated.
The following images are extracted from the frames of the rendering result.