Editing Still Image

This section describes how to synthesize part of an image with another image.
Here we replace person’s eyes with cat’s eyes.

From image reading to pass setting

Read the person’s image and the cat’s image.

As shown below, set passes around the eyes.
The key is to specify them so that the cat’s eyes come on the center of the person’s eyes.

Setting fixed mask

As shown below, set all the part other than the person’s eyes as the fixed mask area.
This can be easily performed with the pass area color filling function.

No mask is specified on the cat’s image.

Parameter setting

Set Rendering method to Move and enable the fixed mask area.
A movie is created as the output result. However, since what is actually required is one single synthesized image, it is not needed to specify Loop.
Since there are two images and no loop is specified, the setting of Wait is ignored.
Set the number of the frames at intermediate division to 0.

Saving image after rendering

After rendering, display the Save Image window.

Two images are output in total but only the last one is actually needed.
Since the image numbers start with 0, specify 1 and save it.