Upgrade to Regular Version

Restrictions before purchase

No function is restricted before purchase but the following logo mark appears on the created morphed movies.
Through a purchase according to the following procedure, the application can be upgraded to the regular version, which no longer displays the logo mark.


From the Welcome to MorphRush window or from Menu/Help, select Upgrade to regular version.

Read the text appearing in the Upgrade to regular version window and press the Purchase button.

If you have completed the purchase process in the past, you can return the version to the regular version by use of the Restoration of purchase button.

Since the displayed price changes due to changes in store prices, special offer programs, and the like, the actual displayed price may differ from the price displayed in the following window.

Pressing the Purchase button or the Restoration of purchase button causes the Apple ID input window to open.

After selecting purchase, enter the ID you used when downloading the application.
After selecting restoration of purchase, enter the ID you used when completing the purchase process in the past.

Subsequently, follow the window instructions to proceed with the process.
Finally, the following window opens to show that the purchase/restoration process has been completed.

Once the purchase/restoration process is completed, Upgrade to regular version is no longer displayed.

Procedure for Mac transition

To re-install MorphRush to a different Mac machine, download it again from the App Store in principle.

If MorphRush is manually copied to a different Mac machine, the following Apple ID input window opens when MorphRush is activated.

If the purchase process was completed in the past, enter the ID used when the purchase process was completed to use the application as the regular version.
If a wrong ID is entered, use the above-mentioned restoration of purchase to return the application to the regular version.

If the purchase process is still not completed, enter the currently used ID.